Bill would prevent women from getting evicted just for calling cops on abusive loser monsters

Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Elliot Anderson has introduced a bill to protect tenants from their landlords. AB 133 is designed to “guard domestic violence victims and other victims from being adversely targeted for reaching out to the police,” Anderson told me over the internet.

In the eviction story I ran earlier this month (also published in the Nevada Independent), Susy Breckon, executive director of the Nevada Apartment Association, said that the Las Vegas area apartment industry has very little tolerance for “nuisance” tenants, including those who attract police attention. “If there’s a shooting, you’re gone,” she told me. For the record, she DID NOT SAY if you call the cops on your loser jerk boyfriend, you’re gone.

But people said something very close to that to somebody, and it made its way to Anderson, and now his bill will go the Judiciary Committee, on which Anderson serves, and where chairman Steve Yeager, D-Las Vegas, will hopefully be a very good egg about it. (Hi Assemblyman Yeager! I don’t think we’ve met. I’m the Gleaner).

Now, about Nevada’s “lightening fast” eviction process; and protecting tenant assets from garnishment; and an aggressive mandate requiring developers to include a significant portion of affordable housing with restricted rents; and public funding for housing assistance; and a tenants bill of rights; and…