Here. Here are some Gleanettes.

Please enjoy these Gleanettes:

  • ICYMI – oh wait this is a blog I can use as many stinking characters as I want – In the event that it has not as yet been brought to your attention, this is to inform you that in the Atlantic(!), Sun reporter Ian Whittaker cleverly, and rightly, juxtaposes the hard-core market worship of Betsy DeVos with the predictably elitist flavor of Nevada’s putative school voucher scheme. Upshot: This is one of those not uncommon instances wherein what happens in Las Vegas should, in aid of the greater good and the national interest, totally stay there.
  • The president doesn’t know the U.S. Constitution (particularly with respect to separation of powers). Why should Nevada teachers? Quirky area thing makes national newspaper.
  • A trio of Nevada economists – Schlottman, Restrepo, and Parker – explain in separate op-ed pieces in da Indy that Nevada’s recovery hasn’t extended to job quality.  The Gleaner’s nod goes to Restrepo for coming closest to acknowledging that growth is important but so is distribution. (But this little corner of the cyberwasteland will always appreciate Parker; if memory serves he’s the guy who first described the pre-crash Las Vegas economy as “construction workers building houses for construction workers building houses,” which of course was unsustainable.)
  • Utah Sagebrush Rebel sympathizer Jason Chaffetz last week pulled a bill to sell off some federal lands in rectangular states out West, because Utahans told him to, evidently. But as everybody around here knew even before Sen. Dean Heller referred to Cliven Bundy’s thug flash mob as “patriots,” there is always an appetite for this sort of thing among Nevada Republicans, and always will be. Trump Interior pick Ryan Zinke asserts that he is opposed to selling off public lands. Of course, public lands don’t have to be sold for the Trump family to make money from them. Why yes, giant mining corporation, the Trump administration is more than happy to award these mineral leases to you and oh by the way here are the 50 bottles of refreshing delicious Trump Water you ordered at $1 million a bottle.