Panic erupts after three (3) of 1,125,385 votes vaguely called into question

Assemblyman Paul Anderson, R-Pretty Obtuse

“…if there’s something we have to do legislatively,” Nevada Republican Assembly Leader Paul Anderson told the Nevada Independent, “I think that becomes a very big priority.”

No, he’s not talking about the state’s rental/housing crisis, an economy that has proven incapable of providing  working Nevadans with a living wage and the most rudimentary of benefits, a next-to-non-existent mental health system or any number of issues that might be construed as a priority because it would improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of actual Nevada human beings.

He’s talking about allegations that three (3) “non-citizen” humans may have voted illegally last year. That’s a “very big priority.”

Of course it is. If enough hot-button outrage can be ginned up over claims leveled by the office of a highly partisan Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, Republicans might be able to intimidate just enough triangulation-friendly Democrats to go along with some manner of voter suppression, or at the very least squash any attempts to broaden voter participation.

Oh look, here’s some ginning up of hot-button outrage now…

The biggest surprise so far is a claim that three (3) people maybe possibly voting illegally hasn’t sparked a flurry of tiny-fingered twittering from Lewandowski’s erstwhile employer. He must not have seen that segment on Fox & Friends yet.

Cegavske has yet to provide “any concrete information from the Secretary of State’s office substantiating these allegations,” Democratic Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford told the Indy.

Alas, “concrete information” has yet to emerge as a consideration among those willing to sensationalize and exploit flimsy claims in order to delegitimize and damage democracy.

Did three (3) human beings vote illegally? Hell if I know – and it’s by no means clear yet that Cegavske does either. But if they did, they were three (3) of 1,125,385 humans in Nevada who voted for president last year, underscoring how incredibly rare and insignificant “voter fraud” is in the state.

Or as the Republicans would say, “a very big priority.”