Ultra-rich people support welfare for ultra-rich people, Nevada study finds

He’s laughing at you not with you

A study concluded in Phoenix Monday found that a group of predominantly white, predominantly male ultra-rich people overwhelmingly support protecting and increasing welfare programs for predominantly white, predominantly male ultra-rich people.

The groundbreaking research was undertaken by Nevada’s resort industry in participation with Clark County and Nevada governments and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The study’s methodology involved state legislators and the governor agreeing to raise taxes to authorize $750 million for a football field to serve North America’s largest professional sports cartel. That authorization was subsequently approved by the Clark County Commission.

To truly gauge the strength of rich white male approval of publicly subsidized handouts to their own kind no matter what, the study deliberately left a number of crucial questions with respect to football field revenues, expenses and management unaddressed.

The Nevada research team also relied on specious-at-best economic impact projections, while refusing to heed any calls for rigorous analysis and aggressively dismissing substantial data indicating that the public benefit from the football field would be minimal to nonexistent — or worse.

Some critics of the Nevada study warn that the results would be more persuasive if the fabulously wealthy control group had been informed of Nevada’s many public needs, including but not limited to education, mental health care, child care, and low-income housing assistance, wherein a $750 million expenditure would have been far more beneficial to the community than the relatively few temporary construction jobs and subsequent low-wage part-time positions created by a football field. Given that information, a statistically significant sample of control group participants, most of whom are billionaires, might have expressed misgivings about really rich people such as themselves callously taking public money they don’t need from people they don’t know.

But Nevada researchers flatly dismissed the criticism, stating there was no reason to believe any of the rich white males participating in the study had even the slightest interest in the well-being of Nevada or Nevadans — a conclusion that was strongly supported by independent observers.

“You can quibble with the methodology around the edges,” said one public policy analyst who did not want his name used because he hopes to secure a lucrative football field consulting job, “but the core findings are indisputable. No matter how stupid, short-sighted and sloppy a state may be, rich white males could give a shit. They’ll take the money and not give it a second thought.”